What a day. So I’ve spent what feels like an eternity trying to get this blog up and running. Luckily it seems like my efforts were not in vain. Not only is it up and running but I actually quite like the design. (Thank you to Artic Fox and Jekyll for providing the theme).

Now, let’s get to why I have gone through the effort of creating this blog. It seems that documenting the things you learn in writing is one of the best ways to commit them to your long term memory (Thanks Dan). In addition, teaching others the things you’re learning also seems to be another great way to aid your learning. With benefits like these, it was honestly a no brainer and despite the time and effort it took to get this thing up and running, I’m very happy I made the decision to create a blog.

Things I will be covering in this blog include topics related to:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Web Development
  • Job hunting
  • Motivation
  • and maybe more

See you tomorrow!